So many people have asked me to create an online community that would be supportive, informative, and active.  This is all about getting you healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually. Results are important, but so is being able to achieve them in a healthy manner and being able to sustain them.


Unlike other challenges that only last a couple of months, we're going all the way through April and even further for those who want to continue.  We are going to gradually work our way into this so that you don't do too much too fast. Real transformations take some time and when done properly, truly become your new normal. 


Each week we will be doing something different to keep it interesting and you engaged. All of the instructions are posted for you within our Facebook challenge group so that you can see them once you join the group.  We will culminate the challenge by following the plan in my new book, The Clean 20, which will be released across the country on April 10, 2018. This book is about reducing processed foods and all of their toxic artificial chemicals. You will be eating 20 clean foods for 20 Days!  I will also be doing Facebook Live sessions within the group frequently so you will have a chance to ask me questions directly along with other challengers. This is going to be a VERY interactive group. 

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Your challenge starts now! I provide weekly meal and exercise instructions within our group. In our group I will be sharing a sneak peek of The Clean 20 before it’s released, as well as other plans that I’ve created. You will have access to all of this. Joining the challenge is really simple. Unlike other programs that charge a monthly fee, there is no charge.  Once you pre-order The Clean 20 you automatically qualify to participate in the challenge.

See the registration steps below:

1.     Pre-order The Clean 20 now.  Many retailers won’t even charge you until the book ships in April. If between the time you order and the time the book ships, the price is reduced, they will honor the lower price! It’s really a win-win situation. I have included a couple of links below where you can pre-order the book.

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2.     Email Once you’ve completed your pre-order, send the official purchase confirmation or screen shot to our team. Make sure it includes the name of the book, the retailer's name, and the confirmation number. Send the email to:

3.     Join our Facebook group AFTER you send us the confirmation, go to our Facebook page and ask to join. This is a closed group, so you must request to be admitted.  The Facebook group is called TheClean20.

This is the link: 

If your Facebook name and the name in your email are different, please let us know so that we can reconcile the different names and know that it’s you asking to join the group. Please don't request to join the group before you send in your pre-order confirmation.

4.     Links to Pre-order


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